About iK:host

In early 2004, iK:host was born under the name Budget-Hosting.co.uk as a branch off from our parent site offering dedicated servers and colocation. We focused mainly on selling reliable hosting at budget prices.

In May 2005, there was time for change. Customer support became our number one priority and so iKhost.net was born. iK:host became independent from our parent site. Both Budget-Hosting.co.uk and iKhost.net were operating for some time until Budget-Hosting.co.uk merged into iKhost.net

We have since then strived to provide both what we had originally set out to do - providing reliable hosting at budget prices - aswell as providing excellent customer support.

Over the years we have also expanded our range of services. We are now offering Virtual Private Servers aswell as Dedicated servers.

In 2012 we launched our Broadband Line Bonding service after 1 year of trials.